Venus in the BIM industry: Empowering Women in Building Information Modeling and Construction

“Find something you really care about, get trained, surround yourself with first class people … and enjoy.” Dame Stephanie Shirley, from the Women in BIM article.

In recent years, the Building Information Modeling (BIM) and construction industry has seen significant advancements in technology, innovation, and sustainability. The development of innovative technologies like Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are merging the physical and digital realms, giving rise to smart cities and interconnected assets.

These advancements offer significant opportunities to help communities advance their life quality. However, one area that still requires attention is gender diversity and inclusion.

Despite progress, women remain underrepresented in these fields. As we celebrate Women’s empowerment week, it’s crucial to recognize and amplify the voices and contributions of women in BIM and construction. Let’s explore the invaluable role women play in driving innovation, fostering diversity, and shaping the future of our industry.


  • Breaking Stereotypes and Shaping the Future :

Traditionally perceived as male-dominated sectors, BIM and construction have been undergoing a transformation. Women are increasingly breaking stereotypes and making their mark in roles such as architects, engineers, project managers, and BIM specialists. Their diverse perspectives bring fresh ideas, creativity, and problem-solving skills to the table, driving innovation and pushing boundaries. The use of technology has been proven to help continuously break from the traditional way of project management in construction projects to allowing women to manage through new softwares and cloud platforms.

  • Leadership and Mentorship :

Recent studies show that the percentage of women’s presence in the Tech industry is approximately 26,7%. Yet, very few studies showcase the presence of women in the BIM industry. Women in BIM and construction are not only excelling in their respective roles but also taking on leadership positions. They are leading teams, driving projects, and advocating for inclusivity and diversity within their organizations. Additionally, many women in these fields are actively involved in mentorship programs such as the program Women in BIM guiding and inspiring the next generation of professionals. By sharing their experiences and expertise, they are paving the way for future female leaders in the industry. Creating a truly inclusive work environment is essential for the growth and success of any industry. Women in BIM and construction are at the forefront of promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  • Empowering Through Education and Advocacy :

Education plays a pivotal role in empowering women in BIM and construction. Many organizations and institutions are offering specialized training programs, scholarships, and networking opportunities to support women entering these fields. Moreover, women in the industry are actively engaging in advocacy efforts to raise awareness about the importance of gender diversity and to dismantle barriers to entry. Through education and advocacy, they are creating pathways for women to thrive and succeed in BIM and construction careers. For example, the Construction Industry Federation launched a campaign called ‘Building Equality, Be a role model, Inspire’ to entice more women to partake in the construction industry.

  • Celebrating Women’s Achievements :

As we reflect on the contributions of women in BIM and construction, it’s crucial to celebrate their achievements and recognize their impact on the industry. Whether it’s designing sustainable buildings, implementing cutting-edge technology, or leading large-scale projects, women are leaving a lasting legacy and shaping the future of the built environment.

Women play a vital role in the Building Information Modeling and construction industry, bringing unique perspectives, leadership skills, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. As we continue to strive for progress and equality, let’s celebrate and support women in BIM and construction, ensuring that their voices are heard, their achievements are recognized, and their contributions are valued. Together, we can build a more fair and innovative future for all.

Continuum BIM, as a BIM leader in Morocco and Africa, recognizes the importance of fairness and empowerment of women inside the work environment. Adopting policies of equal pay, working in a fair environment and prioritizing the recruitment and development of competent women are priorities for our teams. We aim to continue on this advancement and hope to contribute more to the advancement of women in the fields of construction and technology.

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